Simple. Your don’t need any technical knowledge. Every user with basic expierence can use this tool.
No limits. There is no restrictions for survey, questions or responders count.
Paging. You can split your survey questions into pages by inserting page breaks.
“Q-ACTION”. Add logic to surveys.
Question types. Now we’re currently supporting these types of questions:
text box;
large text box (textarea);
drop down menu (one choice);
rating matrix;
radio button (one choice);
checkbox (multiple choices);
matrix (multiple choices);
percentage rating;
Other answer. Responder can add his own answer when using radio button or checkbox question types.
Required answers. You can select which questions of your survey is required to answer.
Quick copy. If your new survey is similar to your previous, you can make a copy of your previous survey and then edit new survey to your needs. It is done just with one click of mouse. The same is with questions.
Progress bar. When your survey’s questions are splited into pages, survey answer progress bar is shown. The responder knows survey length and sees answer progress, and it motivates him to finish the survey till the end.
Security. You can restrict your survey by IP address or entering survey secret code.
Skins. Change survey display style using predefined survey design templates.
Logo. Add your company’s logo to your surveys.
Results summary. Survey results summary is displayed in graphical representation.
Detail results. Download all survey answers in CSV format. You can import it to your spreadsheet program (like Excel), and then analyze results by various points of view, create graphs, etc.
Try our demo survey.