Online Surveys Engine is a service witch enables you fast and easely to provide surveys on the internet. You just need to signup, create survey, send it to responders by email or put into your site. You can view results in surveys administration panel or downloat it to your PC as CSV file and analyze it with your spreadsheet program like Excel or other.
You don’t need any technical expierence, every Web user with basic knowledge can create proffesional surveys with this tool. Look at the features of Surveys Engine and try survey demo version.

So, if you:
are market research company;
want to survey employees of your company;
want to know opinion of your customers about your products or services;
are a student and you need to make survey;
are prepearing programm of party for your friends ant want to consider their opinion;
Then Online Search Engine tool is a choice for you!

Note: If you want to make surveys for third parties using this tool – please let us know.